Saturday, February 26, 2011

Navy Daddy Gets Head from Lifeguard

Petty Officer Christopher is a hairy and muscled up beefcake full of tats from the Navy. He's watching a porn with Lifeguard Eric who's eager to suck some dick. Christopher hasn't really had many experiences with guys and Eric wants to show him the way. Eric is the instigator from the very beginning. He won't leave the Petty Officer alone for a second. He starts out asking Christopher how he likes the movie. Christopher says it's good and wants to leave it at that. You can tell he's a little uncomfortable watching a porn with a guy he doesn't really know.

Before you know it, the lifeguard has his hands down his pants. He keeps eying the Navy guy and keeps watching him rub himself through his shorts. Eric soon takes the lead again and reaches over to give the Petty Officer a helping hand. There's no protesting from Christopher. He leans back and lets the lifeguard feel him up. Eric makes quick work of his handling of Christopher's package. He's soon got his face down in Christopher's crotch with his shorts peeled down, cock in his mouth and jacking his own thick rod. The shirts come off and our Navy officer is completely relaxed, leaned back in the bed, and hands on his head showing off his big biceps and super hairy armpits.

Eric continues to suck away making Christopher hard. Christopher soon gets on his knees and takes charge. He realizes that a mouth is a mouth is a mouth whether it's connected to a man or a woman. It feels good and he's going to fuck some face.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Max Born and Peter Johnson from "Drake Rock"

There is always the risk of something going wrong when pairing two straight guys in a sex scene, especially when both are having gay sex for the first time! That's what makes a scene like this hot! Two straight guys getting their first taste of cock and ass.

This was supposed to be a flip flop, but when the guys arrived my military stud, Max Born, requested that he be the submissive bottom. Peter Johnson smiled and readily agreed to be the top man. Truth be told, he had been panicking during the previous week about giving up his ass, and was relieved when Max requested to be his bitch.

They breezed through the kissing without a hitch, and then there was a little bit of apprehension and anxiety from both guys about staying hard during the blow jobs. They both maintained, and they both turned out to be damn good cock suckers!

When it came time to rim, Max dove right into Peter's ass and tongue fucked his hairy hole. 'I've eaten girls' asses before,' said Max. 'Rimming is hot!' Peter, on the other hand, wasn't into performing anilingus. 'Why don't you finger fuck me,' suggested Max. 'It will help get me ready for your cock.' So he did.

The fucking was a little more difficult than Peter expected. He got up in his head about fucking a guy which played havoc on his cock. Max said, 'Give me a rubber.' He stroked his cock a few times, slapped on the condom, bent over Peter, and fucked his hairy new friend. Surprisingly, they both really enjoyed the performing the roles that each had originally feared. Matter of fact, Max almost came in Peter's ass. He almost didn't pull out in time to shoot his huge load of cum all over Peter's hair butt cheeks. And that revved up Peter, who gives his new military buddy had hot facial.

Straight guys having their first gay sexual experience, sometimes there is nothing hotter!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hot Hairy Bear Mike Powers from "Butch Dixon"

Hairy, butch, hot and burly, these two--Bruno and Mike Towers--get right to it and begin making each other feel good. Mike Towers, a bottom daddy gets on his knees to suck Bruno's thick cock. Mike's hot mouth feels so good on Bruno's bulging cock. Mike also has very sensitive nipples, so when Bruno starts playing with them, Mike gets more excited than ever and bends over. Bruno explores Mike's hot manhole and starts fucking it. These two furry and bearded daddies are very, very hot!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hairy Hunk Ross Hurston from "Butch Dixon"

Handsome Hunk Ross Hurston
Sexy handsome hunk Ross Hurston made his debut in a sweaty wrestling video. Paired up with a bald, muscle stud, the two wrestled one another on the mats to see who would have to bend over for a hard fuck. In this photo gallery Ross Hurston is back again, but he's solo. He sits behind his desk and starts stripping out of his clothes. I love this hunk because he has such a beautifully hard and well-defined body that is always exciting to look at. And Ross looks like a man who is always ready for hot, rough sex. Wait until you see that stiff cock of his standing straight up in the air with his hairy six pack only an inch away! And before he leaves, this handsome hunk turns his back to the camera and shows off his muscular and very fuckable ass.